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Because Babies Love to Sleep n Play, with Comfort n Safety.

Having a baby is heavenly, at the same time it is challenging to engage in non-stop baby care. Claim some time to yourself and your well-being, while choosing the best suitable pack n play portable playard that meets the needs of your newborn’s sleep. Learn about the best pack and play for a newborn baby.

You are a perfect parent when you realize, you are a medium to bring your bundle of joy in this world. You are the caretaker of a new life. A perfect playpen helps you in the journey of raising your little one. For an infant, the best thing is a pack and play with a bassinet to ensure comfortable sleep and safety. 

You are born as a parent, the day your baby is born. You grow with him and relive a journey that you don’t remember you had covered some day.  From an infant, to baby and then a toddler – the needs change – and the playpen needs to be ready to meet everything that he needs. 

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A newborn baby’s head is the softest and most vulnerable part of his body. The pediatricians all over the world, the child specialists and grandmothers’ unanimously advise that the baby’s head must be protected well. And a Canopy helps do it well.

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