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Best Portable Playard came into existence following the hassle Dim Candell had to bear while searching a good playard for her sister’s daughter.

Later, she had a discussion with her husband and some friends, who had little kids. They wanted to know which playard was best for babies and toddlers. 

Dim remembered the tent houses and house plays she used to play with six of her siblings, five cousins and about six-seven neighborhood kids. Even when she used to be alone with her sister, they used to make a cozy, private space for themselves to play and spend hours there.

But now there had to be a more comfortable and safer playard than the temporary playing spaces they made in childhood.

While bringing up her own two children, she realized that finding the best baby playard is not a child’s play. And there must be a lot of people trying to figure out what “the best playard for babies and toddlers” is.

If you are trying to find out which product is best for your baby, we believe you will find Best Portable Playard useful.

Lots of individuals just go with whatever product their friends recommend, without doing any research at all. Because not everyone has the opportunity to do their own research and read countless reviews.

That discussion Dim had with her friends about best portable playard finished in a kids’ toy shop. They looked at every available playard and baby products. Some were good and some were terrific. Some were junk, some were very pricey. After spending a couple of hours in the shop, Dim left with nothing except a great idea for a website.

Best Portable Playard

The idea for Best Portable Playardd is to provide unbiased information regarding various baby and toddler’s play and sleep products in the form of a “Top 10” list.

We want this website to be the last destination for Moms and Pops as they pick the best playard for the safety and comfort of their kids. Whether it’s a new crib, a bassinet, a pack n play playard, a playpen or some other baby and toddler products, you can find our honest reviews here on Best Portable Playard.

Please take a look and do not forget to leave a comment to help us serve you and your baby better.

Our Team

Dim Candell
Dim Candell

Dim Candell is mother of two lovely kids. She worked as Training Manager in Public Health and practices design thinking approach to work and family life. Her quest for learning to create better UX (user experience) is ongoing.

Her super perfectionist husband is a health professional in a city hospital. He’s a shopaholic and loves to splurge on kids.

But he is a great researcher too! He checks out each and every product around the world, tries it and then only stamps it OK TESTED for use. He has a keen eye for detailing and no minor fault escapes his hawk eyes.

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