The Best Baby Gifts On A Baby Shower and Why? (2020 Top 10)

What should be the best baby gift on a baby shower? I tell you a few mom things, that will make you a hero in the baby shower, that you are going to attend.

And if you are about to attend a baby shower for the first time, you may be particularly confused about what should be the best baby gifts on a baby shower to give to the expecting mother and her family. 

As there’s an abundance of baby accessories & products suitable for gifting at a baby shower, this confusion is justified. 

Add to that the opinions of friends, family and other brands that are online, and it is understandable why you have to be feeling all up in mind.

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is one of the most beautiful events for an expecting mother, before she gives birth to her baby and becomes a mother. 

For this auspicious occasion, the baby shower gifts you bring together needs to be thoughtful & intimate. 

Most men and women give expecting mothers all types of items at baby showers; self-help books, books on how to raise kids, kids’ clothes, diaper bags, baby blankets, nests, sleeping bags, bibs, baby accessories etc.

When it comes to the usefulness of presents to expecting mothers, there’s no one that can explain this to you better than a mom herself!  And today, I’ll tell you some of the best baby shower gifts to give to expecting mothers, from the perspective of a mother.

And I’ll also include some of the baby gifts, which are no brainers and almost everybody will present.

Baby Gifts, that 7 out of 10 People Will Present on a Baby Shower

Playpen With Bassinet And Changing Table

Every expecting mother will receive a lot many baby accessories at the baby shower, and you’ll be one among those seven people, who would be forgotten for an average baby present.

Chances are, she already has a garage full of baby accessories for her forthcoming baby, and the baby gift you presented may outgrow the baby and may not be used ever.

Baby blankets are an amazing gift to give to an expecting mother at a baby shower.  And this works even if you are not a very intimate member of her family or friend.  Baby blankets are a language of motherhood at a baby shower, so go ahead and get some baby blankets gift wrapped!

But at the same time, be assured that baby blankets are also in a category of most common baby gifts and every expecting mom receives them in abundance.

If you are already thinking of gifting an outfit set, you can be sure that it is also one of the most common baby gifts choice for a baby shower. Cute tiny jumpsuits, paired and playsuits ensemble sets are included by this also.  

This gift serves a wonderful purpose for new parents and increase their baby’s wardrobe. 

But here also, the chances of your baby gift being never opened or handed over to somebody else are very high.

I remember, during my baby showers, friends and relatives gifted me too many outfit sets that I could not even open. My baby closet was so full and many of those clothes got smaller by the time I could use only fifty perfect of the things I already had.

One if the other baby shower gift obsession is Baby footwear. It is one of the most common baby shower gifts for an expecting mom.  If you choose some adorable, cute and stylish baby booties from a luxury designer baby clothes boutique, the chances of your baby booties being used are more.

Some More, Most Popular Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Although lots of people wish to present the new parents something that stands out or is really cute, the best approach is to pick something the couple will find useful in daily routine.

If you’re looking for something which is lighter on the pocket, I would urge baby swaddle blanket or a bag to carry baby items.

A beautifully decorated basket of baby cribs such as infant bath, lotion, powder, oil, rash cream, wipes, cotton balls never gets old.

Another personal favorite is a play gym and musical crib mobile.

Anything that will be helpful for the parents temporarily like diapers, newborn unisex clothes etc. or in the long term which may be reused for the babies to come such as bathing chair, bouncer, car seat, feeding chair, walker, pram, play pen, inflatable swimming pool, pack n play playard,baby carrier etc..

10 Best Baby Gifts, New Mom Will Love to Get

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

Most expecting moms already set up their pack n play playard for the arrival of their newborn. If you are close with the mom-to-be and want to show that you care, this Baby Rest Sound Machine, going to be a Wishlist baby gift for her.

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is best gift for techno savvy parents, who are active and like to buy quality products themselves.

This machine combines nightlight, sound system, and time-to-rise awake in a single easy-to-use apparatus which the mom can control from her mobile phone. It creates the perfect sleep environment for the baby.

Though, it is a little expensive but this is the best baby gift for special moms.

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Pink

It starts out as a baby rocker or stationary seat with two bat-at animal friends overhead.   And with two comfy recline positions, calming vibrations, and an adorable (and machine-washable) seat pad, you will be proud to give this premium Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker to the mom-to-be.

And the little sweetie will love this rocking seat.   A cozy seat and calming vibrations help soothe babies. This is the best gift, when baby is special to you.

Summer Pop ‘n Sit Portable Booster Chair, Pink

The Summer Pop’n Sit Portable Booster Baby Chair is an activity floor seat and booster all in one and can be used both inside and outside! For 6 months till 4 years (up to 37 lbs ).

This baby chair comes in pink and blue color, so you can choose a baby gift for boy or a gift for girl easily.

This is the best gift for fun loving family, at a restaurant, a chair at the park or even a floor chair for action time in their home.

The Summer Pop’n Sit Portable Booster Chair includes a rear storage pocket, 3-point safety harness, seat safety straps, convenient carry bag, and a detachable, BPA-free dishwasher safe tray.

Best thing is, it is not all that expensive.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray

This is an exclusive Portable infant seat for a baby shower, that is special to you. And this Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat with Tray will always be remembered with love and your name, as a thoughtful giver.

 The best thing about this Seat with Tray is not the unique design and colors but its usefulness for long time. It helps support the baby in an upright position. Wide, sturdy base helps to keep baby comfy and well supported. Lion’s left “paw” pad squeaks when the baby kicks!

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard

Every parent wants their baby to be safe from reaching to danger zones around. That includes the stairs, electrical wires, gadgets etc.

But none of the new parent would even imagine that their little bundle of joy will start crawling soon enough to explore things around.

And I bet if you ever give this baby gift on any baby showers, you’ll be respected and most talked about for the best selection of a baby gift.

If you want to boast of the great benefits of this gift, you can assure that it can convert from a super wide gate to an 8-panel play yard.

No tools need, quick and effortless. Great for wide spaces, angled openings, hallway, doorway, bottom of stairs or barrier. For children up to 24 months and great for pets too.

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Portable Changing Pad - Premium Quality Travel Station

When you want to get a safe and extremely practical baby shower gift, then choose this one.

This portable, high quality diaper change station includes a detachable padded changing mat 21-inch-long and 22 inch wide. It’s wipeable, easy to clean, waterproof, and keeps the baby away from dirty surfaces.

It is lightweight but spacious and organized, that makes diapering very simple and easy. The big mesh and zippered pockets are designed to have everything handy, to hold diapers, wipes, creams, baby oil or tiny toys for your little one.

Top Rated Baby Gift Options Playpen with Bassinet and Changing Table

Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

If you had a baby, you would agree that it is one of the most essential baby gifts ever, that someone must choose. And I am a strong believer that I always gift what I love to receive.

Baby Wipe Dispenser is among the most popular, modern and useful baby shower gift, at a reasonable cost!

Its features will wipe the mom off her feet with joy. Innovative silicone seal locks in moisture and warmth, preventing wet wipes from drying out and turning brown. The top-heated design cleverly keeps the wipes at the peak of the box the warmest.

The universal container doesn’t need any particular sort of wipe, such as flushable wipes and low voltage power adapter ensures ultimate safety.

Blooming Bath - Baby Bath (Canary Yellow)

Blooming Bath is the best gift for a newborn baby. It is a premium product and you can be sure that the mom will be using it on regular basis.

It is a great alternative to traditional baby bath tubs, which is super soft and cuddly to keep baby happy and comfortable during bath time

You don’t need to worry about the home fittings of the expecting mom, because this Blooming Bath fits most sink sizes.

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

Fisher Price On the Go Baby Dome is one of my favorite baby shower gift, and everybody I have every gifted this cute 2-in-1 portable infant play space and Resting Place, they loved it.

This Portable Dome is perfect baby shower gift to impress the expecting mom, and the parents will thank you for this useful modern gift.

The Dome can be used indoors or Outside, Canopy protects the baby from the sun’s rays (UPF 20) and netting keeps out the Bugs.  It is the best gift for baby, and adds convenience in mom’s life. To make things easy, it folds flat with handles for easy storage and travel.

Portable BabySuite Playard, Purple Orchid

At last, we got the most useful and loved baby gift that every parent wants and loves. You can never go wrong with a pack n play playard, because even if a parent gets more than one playpen, they generally use one pack and play for grandma’s house, one for the baby room and one near the work area.

And to your surprise, you’ll be able to get a chic, modern beautiful playard around $50.

 The benefits of gifting a pack and play playards are many. It converts to play mat and can be used with toys to offer a comfortable space for tummy time. As the baby grows, the playard is useful for the toddler.

Best Baby Gifts You Can Make at Home, Without Spending Any Money

Best Baby Gifts on Baby Shower

I remember what I would have loved to get as a present, when my babies were small.  So, with this in mind, I make gift certificate books for new moms.

I use my knowledge of the new mum and circumstances to create custom made vouchers that are valued. To make these “Personalized Gift Vouchers,” you need to know the mother / family well enough to know what would be appreciated most by them. 

The personalized baby shower gift vouchers could have some of these benefits –

  • An hour of housework,
  • A set of washing up vouchers,
  • Offer of afternoon tea, served by myself at either their home or mine,
  • A three-course meal cooked and served for the family for a special occasion,
  • A weeks’ worth of meals prepared and frozen to make life easier,
  • A day of babysitting,
  • A day with no older siblings around,
  • Fourteen days laundry, washed and ironed,
  • A whole day of maid services,
  • The use of my car, with me as chauffeur for shopping, me doing the purchasing, complete with me packing it away later,
  • A night of cards or board games,
  • An hour’s rest time while i take baby to the park, or
  • Perhaps a requested knit or crochet pattern,
  • Sewing some organic dresses for the baby, made and given on request, or
  • Things along these lines.

It should be nice for mum enjoy using a breather and to sit back while you sweat the small things for her.  She must be getting to know her new infant, and reconnecting with kids, and her spouse while they all get used to the new addition.

These voucher books have always gone down well with those who have obtained them and no one has taken advantage of my offers in a manner that was not intended.

How to Choose a Baby Shower Gift


A baby gift depends –

  1. if the baby is born,
  2. when the baby shower is held, and
  3. if the parents had a baby.

I believe the most annoying baby shower gift I received was a picture frame where I needed to print a picture of the infant, print a title plate, and do ink prints of baby’s feet and hands.  It was a great gesture and I know the rationale behind it, but providing essentially a craft to do if she is overwhelmed with responsibilities that are new to the mom is inadvisable.  It was sheer willpower that compelled me to put the thing together rather than have it collect dust in a corner.

If the baby is outside the uterus before the baby shower, I’d find out exactly what the mom need.  Most parents like a certain brand of diapers.  Maybe they formula feed and use a certain brand only.  Perhaps they have a zillion newborn outfits and need something for an older baby.  Maybe they want a toy and are swimming in getting blankets.   Maybe an activity mat for their child.  It could be anything, but I want to ensure I get something which the new parents want. 

If I know the couple closely, I would also consider a gift that is personalized.  Something like a stuffy toy with the baby’s name, date of birth, and birth details on it or a personalized growth chart.

I like to err on the side of caution, when baby is in the uterus.  I don’t give diapers, lotions, formulas, etc. because, as it is true for my son, certain brands can cause baby to have a rash. 

So, it would be a safer bet to either ask the parents-to-be for their opinion or buy baby gifts which can be used by the baby for a longer time.

Bottom line: Get a gift for your friend mom to be that is reminiscent of your connection.  Get creative and know that whatever you give her, though she’ll have a ‘gift list’ she will replace that record and you might never get a thank you card.  And she might not remember what you gave her.

Depending on how well you know “MOM” is the way you must base the present.  If she is some distant relative or your cousin and your mother or aunt are going – chances are they had the opportunity and if you are friendly with them, you can always ‘tag on’ to their present?!

If she is your bestie, you wouldn’t be on this website asking this question.

You’ve got lots of choices if she is an old friend and I suggest looking at the many baby gifts options in this page.

Best Baby Gifts I Bought, and Parents Loved

The last time I had to purchase a last-minute baby gift at a dollar store and all I could find was a set of 3 pairs of baby socks I bought like five or six of them because those little socks go missing all the time.

I recall one of those fathers swore by electrical diaper-wipe warmers.  He was a young father and then remarried and had a new baby after his kids were grown.  He said that the warm wipes made diapering much less stressful for him and infant.  He went on and on about how “life-changing” it was and if it had been available 15 or 20 years before he’d have had more children. 

When I worked in retail, I used to ask new parents what presents they found most useful, and a great deal of moms recommended diaper genies, baby monitors and manual breast pumps as presents, even though they aren’t as cute or as entertaining as other things.

Years ago, I gave a friend a mobile food mill, it was a smaller version of a manual, hand crank food mill that I found in a kitchen store gadget section.  I thought she could use it when dining out, visiting or traveling. But she revealed that she used it almost every time to make a meal for the baby.

It feels so good when your gift is well received and cherished. Isn’t it?

Conclusion -

I don’t know if it is just me but I feel pressure when picking Baby Shower gifts!  I don’t know whether it’s the public forum for opening the presents but I want to be certain that my present is in some way unique and special so the new Mum feels unique and like the efforts I have put into the present!  I want it to be loved by everybody in the Baby Shower! 

There are a number of creatives ways to creative your own personalized baby shower gifts, without spending even a penny.

If you are buying the baby gift, then there are some wonderful gift ideas available.  Look into gift baskets that come filled with items for the newborn.  They’ve a wide range of items from plush critters to onesies, et cetera.  These items are great for baby shower, you are not really emotionally attached to.

You can choose from the huge range of gift baskets specifically for boys, girls, parents, bath time, organic baskets, playtime and much more.  Whether you decide to purchase a gift for the baby for the mom, you’ll find some remarkable ideas and save a boatload of time and anguish.

Regardless of what you choose consider a meaningful gift that you believe resonates with the parent’s lifestyle. Ask yourself these questions to choose the best baby gift for the baby shower –

How old are they?

Is this their first child?

Do they prefer organic products?

Do they like gender neutral colors and patterns that can match any outfit?

Is this a gift that will last through childhood?

These are some questions you should ask yourself prior to considering what to purchase.

Tips to Add Value to Your Baby Shower Gifts Search

  1. Learn if there is a clearance on kids’ clothes and purchase a few sizes beforehand.  In a dollar or so, why not buy something, that baby will be using longer. 
  2. When you see great sales on large plastic storage tubs stock up so you can save these great items for the next baby shower.
  3. Inform the new mother DONT be scared to return something they don’t like.
  4. I know you need all those cuties things boy or girl to get particular things and that’s good but buy them as you need them in Walmart because they will grow from these the following week.
  5. Infants don’t wear clothing like other humans, always purchase them one size larger.
  6. Here, I share a beautiful baby shower creative gift experience. A friend of the mamma offered to bake cookie. Everyone got large super servings at their plates that enabled us some relaxed time.
  7. While everybody thinking of gifts for the baby, you can probably get the mom a gift for herself. Preferably a comforting gift like a day at the spa with a nanny service for the day, a foot massager, comfortable loungewear with a weighted sleep mask so she’s ‘still’ watching the kids.
  8. If you are gifting to an active mom, get her a Jogging Stroller. It’s light and well-featured to ensure she still enjoys her morning or evening jogs.
  9. Maybe you can consider getting her a Baby Video Monitor that will give her the ability to check on her baby at any time and at any place.

Common Problems, New Parents Face with Baby Shower Gifts

The expecting mom may make a list of adorable gifts and asked everyone to bring a bunch of either one.  And there can be a lot of blankets.  Yes, there are places to have them, this room, that area, the car but 12 of them? NO.  Keep the ones you enjoy the most and return the remainder. 

Most quilts you can’t use on the infant anyway and you’ll find they wind up enjoying the lightweight ones they could move around beneath.

Then, there is overload of baby clothes and accessories. The intelligent moms DO baby clothing shopping at Goodwill and other thrift shops for infant and small children.  So, don’t try to burden the new parents with extra load of duplicate baby gifts.

“Remember baby, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know.”

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