The Best Mattress for Toddler Bed and Baby Pack n Play 2020

Milliard 2-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Crib and Toddler Bed MattressBest mattress for toddler and baby depends on many things. Even before you start your search for best mattress for your baby, you should be clear about your baby’s needs.

When you answer this question clearly, you would be at a better position to get the best mattress for the crib, toddler’s bed or pack n play playard.

You should also keep one thing in consideration, that many pack n play playards come with a mattress, but baby cribs and toddler beds do not come with a mattress as a package. 

Even if you have a branded pack n play that carries a mattress along, you may wish to buy a second mattress for the added comfort; or to keep at grandma’s house.

One more important point is that most playpens can be transitioned from newborn to toddler, and the right type of mattress lasts for years to provide sound sleep to your newborn baby, toddler and you (you can sleep only when your baby sleeps and lets you sleep, right?).

Thus, below is our well researched best mattress list for your toddler and baby, which I am sure you’ll find highly useful.

S.No.ImageProductBest ForCurrent Price
1Sealy Toddler and Baby Crib Mattress Sealy Toddler and Baby Crib MattressEco friendlyCurrent Price
2Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler BedNewton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler BedBreathable for Face SleeperCurrent Price
3Milliard 2-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Crib and Toddler Bed MattressMilliard Memory Foam Crib and Toddler Bed MattressSoft and SoothingCurrent Price
4Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play MattressDream On Me, Pack and Play MattressPack n Play PlayardsCurrent Price
5Eco Classica III 2-Stage Baby & Toddler MattressEco Classica III 2-Stage Baby & Toddler MattressQuality Mattress BrandCurrent Price
6hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad [Dual Sided]hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad [Dual Sided]Firm Side (for Babies) & Soft Memory Foam Side (for Toddlers)Current Price
7NapYou Amazon Exclusive Pack n Play MattressNapYou Pack n Play MattressBudget FriendlyCurrent Price
8Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler MattressGraco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler MattressPack n Play PlayardsCurrent Price
9Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N' Play Mattress TopperMilliard Tri-Fold Pack N' Play Mattress TopperCompact, Easy to Travel withCurrent Price
10Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Waterproof Toddler & Baby Crib MattressKolcraft Toddler & Baby Crib MattressPure Sleep TherapeuticCurrent Price

Table of Contents

1.Sealy Toddler and Baby Crib Mattress – Best Eco friendly Mattress

Sealy Toddler and Baby Crib MattressSize –  51.63 x 27.25 x 5

Type – Foam

Weight – 8.3 Pounds

Why you would love Sealy Baby Mattress

A parent would never compromise on the safety and comfort of their child, and Sealy understands this concern very well. This mattress is on the top of our list for its environment friendly features and lightweight soybean foam core, which uses renewable sources.

SAFETY & QUALITY TESTED — Sealy Toddler and Baby Crib Mattress is tested for crib fit, firmness and durability. The American Society for Testing and Materials (Crib Mattress Standards) has certified Sealy mattress safe for baby and toddler use. This crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality and analyzed for substances to help create a healthier sleeping environment for your infant and toddler.

PERFECT FIT – The Sealy mattress size is 51.63 x 27.25 x 5 inches and it fits both USA standard size cribs and toddler beds.  The one thing which I loved about this mattress is its square cut corners, which provide snug fit in toddlers beds.

LIGHTWEIGHT SOYBEAN FOAM-CORE – The soybean foam-core makes this mattress an eco-friendly product, which is lightweight. Besides, soy-based foam-core provides improved durability as compared to traditional foams, and utilizes renewable sources resulting in the use of less crude oils.

WATERPROOF SURFACE & BINDING – With kids, accidents and spills happen. As a mom, I ensured that everything I had at home was washable or waterproof (a baby is an angel, you can get a surprise any time!). I am just relieved that Sealy’s reinforced embossed waterproof and stain-resistant cover with lock-stitched binding helps keep fluids from seeping inside. That means, lesser work for the mom, and more relaxed time!

AWARD WINNING BRAND – You’ll be surprised that more infants sleep on a Sealy than any other crib mattress, because it’s made with no phthalates, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, PBDES, TDCPP or TCEP fire retardants that may be a concern in non-certified foams.

What the previous users say about Sealy Toddler and Baby Crib Mattress –

“We’ve got this mattress for our nearly 3-year-old, she has had it since she was an infant and she seems to love it.   It fits all of the sheet brands I’ve tried.  Any time she’s had an accident, we simply wipe since it is a plastic type outer covering and the mattress does not appear to absorb anything.

This mattress is firmer than other mattresses, and also does not have any springs.  Which means this mattress is all uniform and when our daughter sleeps, she does not get in a place where a spring could bother her.  The Sealy mattress is also very soft.  She’s sleeping better with this mattress.” 

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

Size – Crib

Type – Food-grade Polymer

Weight – 11 Pounds

Why you would love Newton Baby Mattress

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed is a 100% Breathable mattress for your face sleeper baby. The Newton claims that this mattress is proven to reduce suffocation risk in babies. Its hypoallergenic, non-toxic material is better than organic, which is baby safe.

GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED allergens – When it comes to baby’s safety and comfort, Newton is not behind. The baby crib mattress is 100% recyclable which makes it as eco-friendly as our earlier choice, and its Wovenaire core is made in the United States.

PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED: This baby crib mattress and toddler bed is tested and recommended by pediatricians for your child’s health, security, and development.

LONG-LASTING AND WASHABLE: The Newton mattress is not only designed for babies but it is as comfortable for toddlers and bigger kids. To add to its durability and cleanliness, it is 100% washable at home. 

FOR LOWEST EMISSIONS: You can be sure that this mattress has lowest VOCs, contains no foam, springs, latex, glue etc, as compared to other mattress brands.

COMFORT: One of the impressive features of this mattress is temperature regulating to prevent overheating, remove sweaty backs and enhance sleep quality of active toddlers and relaxed babies. 

SAFETY: The most unique feature is that your baby can sleep on her face and you don’t have to worry for harmful toxins going inside her. Newton’s innovative Breathe-Thru Technology allows air to flow freely and is independently demonstrated to decrease the risk of suffocation and CO2 rebreathing, even if your baby starts to roll over at night. 

What the moms say about Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed -

“Our baby prefers to sleep on his face. Not head tilted slightly to the left or the right. He sleeps on his tiny, baby face. We tried moving him again and again but failed every time. 

I found this mattress through Google in a desperate search in mid of the night, and it works for us.  This is the best baby mattress solution for our face-sleeper. Our baby can now certainly breathe even when his tiny nose is touching the non-toxic bed, which means I can sleep peacefully.”

Milliard 2-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Crib and Toddler Bed MattressSize – 52″ x 27″ x 2

Type – Foam

Weight – 5.5 Pounds

Why you would love Milliard Crib Mattress

Here we got another most popular mattress for toddlers and babies, which parents prefer to buy.

It is Milliard 2-inch ventilated Memory Foam Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress Topper, which comes with a removable waterproof non-slip cover. So that you can be carefree will the spilling accidents. The best thing about the organic loving people  is that this waterproof cover is 65-percent cotton, and the size is just perfect 52″x27″x2.”

Long lasting quality – This mattress is 2 inch thick, and it is built with 100% memory foam with 2.5 lb. density. With my own experience I can say it would lasts for years without losing shape.

There are added holes to every topper to increase ventilation while your baby sleeps on it.

Safe for the baby – Foam topper is CertiPUR-US certified for your child’s safety and the included cover is sterile, which means you can rest in the knowledge that you are giving a comfortable and safe sleeping bed to your little one.

Though this this mattress is good for kids, who are six months and above, but it is not meant for newborn babies, because it is medium soft to firm. Whereas, child specialists suggest a firm bed for infants. 

That’s why, you must consult with your baby’s physician for safety recommendations.

There are some tips to use this mattress to its full capacity. When it is shipped to your home, allow 24 to 48 hours for foam to expand after opening, and it is good to fit into your toddler’s bed or baby crib. 

What the parents say about Milliard Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress –

“This Foam Mattress Topper is a game changer!

I have co-slept since 8 months. Attempting to transition our toddler back into her crib. But she refused to sleep in her crib and could toss and turn and cry until we bought THIS! We purchased the sleep easy solution book, this

foam mattress topper, and moved her crib to our room. We then transitioned the crib into a toddler bed and added this 2″ Topper. From day one, she (18 months old) laid down in her toddler bed like a big girl, and it has gone to bed in her big girl bed ever since. 

I lay down next to her and have fallen asleep myself because it’s more comfy then our own mattress. Since it is on the softer side, I do not advise this for infants since they require a firm sleep surface for security reasons.

However, once our toddler looked like she could handle a small toddler pillow, we felt she was ready for a softer mattress. We also bought the American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Crib Sheet and it fits over the mattress and this foam mattress Topper and this combo made all the difference for our daughter.

The mattress topper comes wrapped up within a plastic sleeve, inside a box. Upon opening, I did not smell anything. Once I pressed my face into the mattress topper, I could then smell a slight odor. I unrolled the Topper and let it “air out” for a day. The smell was completely gone and we place it on top of the mattress at there. Overall,

I highly recommend this mattress topper for any toddler who is ready for a softer,more comfortable bed.”

Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play MattressSize – 37.5 x 25.5 x 3

Type – Foam

Weight – 3.5 Pounds

Why you would love Dream On Me Mattress

Dream On Me, 3″ Foam Pack and Play Mattress is one of the most trusted mattress brand for toddler bed, baby crib and pack n play playards.

SAFETY FIRST. ALWAYS – You can trust this mattress as it is Greenguard Gold Certified to ensure the highest level of health, security and reassurance. All the Dream On Me mattresses are CPSC tested and pass all flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) phthalate, lead and toxicity tests.  ·

FITS MOST POPULAR PLAYARDS – The Dream On Me 3″ Foam Pack n Play Mattress is the best choice for pack and play playards, and it provides a snug fit with most popular playard brands such as the Graco Pack N Play. ·

PERFECT BALANCE OF COMFORT AND SUPPORT – This playard mattress provides your child with the perfect amount of support and comfort for endless days of play and rest. Nevertheless, you do not have to take our word for it. Read down the reviews below. ·

A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR BABY – Reinforced, waterproof and antibacterial cover and binding help resist liquids and stains and prevent mold mildew and odor from seeping in.

 Easy to maintain; simply wipe clean with mild soap and water. ·

MADE IN THE USA –All mattresses are designed, engineered and made in the USA using the best quality materials and meet the most rigorous safety and quality criteria.

What users say about Dream On Me –

“I bought this mattress for Our Graco packn’ play, I use the packn’ play to put my son in when I need to get dressed or do things in my room…I wanted a firmer and more comfortable choice than the thin padded board that comes with it.

This mattress is nice and thick, firm but soft. It’s covered in a plastic like substance that makes cleaning it easy – just a wipe down.

I also purchased the American Baby Company fitted sheet and it matches perfectly.

As for traveling – it is not super heavy or awkward however we have yet to determine how it will work out as it is not super compact but that wasn’t the principal reason for this purchase and finally for travel we will probably buy an all in one travel crib.”

Eco Classica III 2-Stage Baby & Toddler MattressSize – 51.6″ x 27.25” x 6”

Type – Cotton

Weight – 6.84 Pounds

Why you would love Eco Classica (Colgate) Mattress

2- STAGE DUAL-FIRMNESS: Designed with the extra firm side for infants that pediatricians recommend during those critical first years and the milder, less-firm side that provides the comfort toddlers prefer·

SAFE: GREENGUARD Gold, and CertiPUR-US certified.  Designed to meet and exceed state and federal flammability requirements; CPSIA compliant·

WATERPROOF: Wrapped snugly in an ultra-soft, certified organic cotton cover, our 2-stage crib mattress is designed with built-in waterproof-backing to ensure the mattress remains dry while baby’s skin remains closest to organic cotton·

DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: Handcrafted with quality materials and inverted seams for extra durability, this mattress is built to last through both the baby and toddler years, giving your baby a safe, supportive place to rest and grow·

MADE IN AMERICA: Produced by Colgate Mattress, The Crib Mattress Specialist for over 65 years.

What parents say about this Eco Classica III 2-Stage Baby & Toddler Mattress –

“First night in the crib with the combination of this mattress and the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit my little one (at the time) slept 12 hours! She’s slept no less than 9 hours since she transitioned into it over a month ago.

I am SO satisfied with this purchase.

There were no strong odors when the bed was taken out of the packaging, it was super light and easy to install, and there have been no loud plastic noises since we began using it.

My initial decision to buy this mattress wasn’t straightforward. I had no idea how many infant mattress options there were out there nor how many environmental hazards could affect my small one.

Following an exhaustive week of learning about carcinogens and plastic foams and comparing each mattress I could find I was stuck between this mattress and the Newton Baby.  I decided on this mattress due to its lower price point and positive testimonials and haven’t looked back since!”

hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad [Dual Sided]Size – 38″ x 26″ x 3.25″

Type – Foam

Dual Sided

Why you would love Hiccapop Dual Sided Mattress

Rounded corners and superior edge support create a snug fit into standard pack n play playyards.  No chance of dangerous spaces or lost pacifiers at the sides or corners of this playard mattress pad.   ·

THE ONLY DUAL-SIDED PACK AND PLAY MATTRESS PAD | Optimal design for growing baby’s developmental needs.

Infant side combines the firmness that’s critical for security with gentle foam support. For premium comfort and toddler support only flip the mattress pad over to the plush, softer side featuring CertiPUR-USA high-density memory foam. ·

EXTRA THICK FOR SUPER COMFORT | Your infant will not be a happy sleeper (nor will you) if her playard crib mattress topper lacks critical support and comfort. At 3.25″ this pack and play crib mattress pad is thicker and cozier for deep supportive comfort. ·

LEAK-FREE, SUPER SAFE | Ultra-soft Jacquard cover is waterproof and hypoallergenic, with lock stitched binding to resist liquids and stains. High-quality zipper permits easy removal for machine washing and drying. ·

HIGHEST STANDARDS | Hiccapop is dedicated to providing families with goods of the highest quality.

 The CertiPUR-USA seal guarantees that the Dual Sided Pack and Play Mattress Pad has met the most rigorous and comprehensive standards for content and durability.

What proud mom says about hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad –

“My baby boy sleeps in our pack n play in our room right now and has never slept a whole night in the 6 months. I have had this mattress for a few days now and starting the first night he slept from 7pm to 7am and every night since.

This mattress is a life saver for a first-time mom. You have got to try this mattress it’s a wonderful thing.”

NapYou Amazon Exclusive Pack n Play MattressSize – 37.5″ x26″ x 1.5″

Type – Foam

Weight – 3.44 Pounds

Why you'll love NapYou Playpen Mattress

TRI-FOLD PACK N’ PLAYMATTRESS – NapYou pack n play mattress is a foldable mattress for playpens, and its size measuring 37.5 x26 x 1.5 fits almost all pack n plays in the market. 

One thing that you would like about this mattress is, it has rounded corners to make sure that a NapYou Pack and Play mattress can perfectly fit into any Pack n Play.

ORGANIC COTTON – The texture is soft to the touch, and this tri-fold Pack n Play mattress promises organic cotton and polyester blend, for durability and a nice feel. In short, it is not only last longer, but extremely soft to the touch to your baby.  That means you’ll use it for many years.

EASY HANDLE CARRY BAG – You don’t get a carry bag with all the baby and toddler mattresses, so this is a bonus for you. NapYou provides a convenient carry bag with the Pack and Play mattress, which you can conveniently fold up and put in the bag along with a small blanket.

USE WITH OR WITHOUT A PACK N PLAY – The NapYou Pack n Play tri-fold mattress is designed to be used together or using an actual Pack and Play, which can make a perfect sleeping mat, indoor or outdoors.

Tip to use : Allow 24 to 48 hours to get foam to expand.

Happy parents’ review for NapYou Pack n Play Mattress -

“My 18-month-old has gotten pickier about sleeping and was not sleeping well in her pack and

play.  I began thinking about it and came to the conclusion it is because she’s sleeping on lightly padded MDF, which cannot be comfy.

This fits snugly in the Graco Pack and Play I have had for 11 years. In fact, when we travel to resorts,

I bring this with me to ensure a great night’s sleep. The carry case helps, but

it’s still somewhat bulky. The upside is that she gets to use the super soft

T-shirt material sheets I’ve rather than resort crib sheets / flat sheet. As she gets older, this may be used on the ground as a rest mat or a bed at a hotel as opposed to trying to take care of a toddler climbing from the pack and play or worry about them falling out of the huge bed.”

Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler MattressSize – 27.62″ x 52″ x 5″

Type – Foam

Weight – 10.7 Pounds

Why you'll love Graco Pack n Play Mattress

MATTRESS IN A BOX: This crib and toddler mattress comes in a compact, lightweight box, which is an ultimate convenience to carry around. But you cannot use your mattress out of the box immediately. 

If you want to make it perfect for your toddler bed and baby crib, air it out for some time. In fact, for optimum performance, unroll your mattress within 2 weeks of order to expand it to its full size.

WATER-RESISTANT, REMOVABLE, WASHABLE OUTER COVER: If you are a cleanliness freak like me, you absolutely want this feature. This crib mattress’ soft outer cover is water-resistant, removable and machine washable; Gently unzip the outer cover, machine (or hand) wash in cold water (delicate cycle only, no bleach), and hang dry (do not put in dryer machine) to keep your child’s sleep environment refreshing, clean, and cozy·

RECOMMENDED MATTRESS FIRMNESS FOR BABY: Graco is the pioneer in launching pack n play playards. With time, many other playpen makers jumped into manufacturing playards and ultimately people started knowing any playard as a pack n play. 

At the first place, when you are buying a Graco Pack n Play Playard, it is an obvious choice that you’d like to buy the same company’s mattress, because the mattress would fit perfectly. That’s why, Graco premium mattress is one of the most popular choice for baby and toddler bed. 

Graco mattress core is made from high-quality, breathable foam to maximize air flow and it is cost effective also; but it is firm. When you buy a pack n play, a thin firm mattress comes with that, but if you choose extra padding you can opt for this one. Parents who prefer a softer mattress for their babies prefer a Dream On Me.

RIGOROUSLY TESTED AND CERTIFIED: This mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified, free of prohibited phthalates, lead, and mercury, meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM International and CPSC safety standards, and meets all applicable federal flammability standards; Backed by a 6-year limited warranty·

FITS STANDARD FULL-SIZE CRIB AND TODDLER BED: This crib mattress is designed to match any Inches) x Height (around 5 inches); Weight (7 pounds).

Useful Tips While You Get Your Mattress Home –

First, when you unwrap it, take care not to cut the mattress or mattress cover, but only the box and plastic shipping bag. Next, remove the mattress cover at a well-ventilated room. Open a window if you can. Allow the mattress extend for 48+ hours on a hard, flat surface, flipping it over after the first 24 hours. If any corner doesn’t raise or seems crunched up, conquer it, fluff it, massage it, knead it, etc. until the corner is enlarged and full. The chemical smell goes away when you allow it lay out for some time.

Once the mattress is completely expanded, place it back in the mattress cover, pop on a sheet and place it in your baby crib. The final measurements of the mattress are: 52″x28″x5″.  So, in short, by removing the cover

and letting the mattress expand/air out for 48 hours, it would be good to fit into your baby’s pack n play. With foam,

you’re ALWAYS going to have a heat diffusion issue to some extent due to the properties of the material.

What parents say about Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress–

“I have twins so I actually purchased two of these. I followed what some reviews said about “fluffing” the end of the mattress that was squished the most and I also took off all the covers too.

It took less than 24 hrs. for both mattresses to fully expand. I think because i did this it was easier for them to expand.

And it fits both cribs perfectly. My other hesitation was how soft the foam would be. I was happy to find it quite firm. Now when my kids go to bed for nap\bedtime and within 15 minutes they are asleep.

I recommend pulling off all covers to let the foam expand and fluff the squished side. Then after its expanded put the covers back on AND make sure to line the seams with the edges.”

Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N' Play Mattress Topper
Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N’ Play Mattress Topper

Size -37.4″ x 25.59″ x 1.48″

Type – Polyester

Weight – 4.5 Pounds

Why you'll love Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N' Play Mattress Topper

MAXIMUM PORTABILITY — Milliard first trifold design lets you easily fold up your mattress to the bonus carry bag that is included free of charge – so it is easy to save or travel with your mattress. This mattress is a universal fit, that means it can fit in any pack n play playard, and it can be used with no playard too for the ideal toddler sleeping mat. ·

WATERPROOF COVER — comes with a top notch, polyester cover that is both waterproof and washable so you do not have to be worried about keeping your mattress clean. ·

Lab Tested — The topper’s foam satisfies CertiPUR-US standards for material, emissions and durability, and are examined by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

The child specialists recommend that a firm mattress should be used for newborn babies, and that is the reason this soft mattress isn’t meant for babies. Whereas, it is good for toddlers (babies more than six months of age).

As a safety recommendation by the company, it is advisable to allow 24 to 48 hours for the mattress to expand after unpacking.

What users say about Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N' Play Mattress Topper -

“I am absolutely obsessed with this mattress!! I have been searching for a pack and play mattress and debating over which one to purchase for months. I have finally found the perfect one for my 6 month old baby and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

She sleeps in her Graco pack and play every night (still too nervous to move her to her crib and would miss her too much) so I really wanted something more comfortable than the mattress it comes with. I was nervous about the fit but it is very snug on all four sides.

The foam is very soft and cozy but still firm enough that I don’t have to worry about it being too squishy around her face and obstructing her breathing.

The waterproof cover isn’t squeaky or plastic feeling. It is a nice soft material that the sheet lays nicely on. It is very convenient that it folds up in thirds and the carrying bag is really durable and good quality.

I can easily take the mattress back and forth to Grandma’s house when we visit. She is a great sleeper but I have noticed she stirs around less when we go in and out of the room while she sleeps. She definitely seems more comfortable.

I purchased an American Baby Company jersey knit sheet to go with it and it’s a great fit!! Very satisfied with the purchases and highly recommend this mattress for pack and plays!!

I would purchase a second just to have as back up if I had the extra money because my baby and I love it so much!”

Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Waterproof Toddler & Baby Crib MattressSize – 51.63″ x 27.25″ x 5″

Type – Innerspring

Weight – 11.57 Pounds

Why you'll love Kolcraft Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress

Firm non-allergenic sleeping surface for the best quality sleep.

WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE COVER -Waterproof cover and lock-stitched watertight binding resists stains, mildew and moisture. The whole mattress wipes clean with a damp cloth for a sanitary sleeping surface.  ·

SAFETY & QUALITY TESTED– This whole mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality and reduced chemical emissions to help create a healthy sleeping environment for your infant. The whole mattress is phthalate and flammability compliant and doesn’t include toxic fire retardants.

MADE IN USA – Produced in the united states and provides a 10-year guarantee on workmanship and materials. Mattress size 51.63″ (Length) x 27.25′ (Width) x 5″ (Height) and Matches both USA standard size cribs and toddler beds.

What parents say after using Kolcraft Crib Mattress

“We ordered this mattress in 2012 for our daughter. She has used this mattress for 3 years. We have been very happy with this purchase.

The mattress is water proof. This is so important as in the past year our toddler became potty trained. Nighttime accidents happen, and this cover has stood the test of time.

There are no tears or stitching coming loose. There is no smell or stains. The cover cleans so easily. No moisture penetrates past this barrier. We do flip and turn the mattress often. Usually several times a week. I clean with a spray antibacterial cleaner.

The sheets stay on the bed – which is a miracle with a toddler who flips like a fish and plays on her bed.

My daughter is a tough toddler and this product has stood up to accidents, jumps and daily wear. I would buy this again and again if the need arises. You won’t be disappointed.”

Buyers’ Guide to Choose Best Mattress for Baby and Toddler Bed

best mattress for toddler

How do I understand my toddler or baby's sleeping needs?

You would agree that your own bed is good enough for your sleeping,but that same bed may not be appropriate for your child. Likewise, the mattress used for an adult bed is a little different than the mattress used for a baby or a toddler’s bed.

Likewise, a newborn’s sleeping needs are slightly different than a toddler, therefore a firm mattress is recommended for a newborn baby. Whereas, you can choose a firm to soft mattress for your toddler.

Let’s see the difference between the sleeping and playing needs of a baby and a toddler –

  • An infant sleep for about 12-14 hours and wakes up for food or diapers only.
  • A newborn does not move around, throw the pillow down, and pull the screws out.
  • Your new baby will not try to climb the pack n play bassinet or crib, while you are busy with your work.
  • In short, your newborn baby is an angel, and you can make her sleep in a comfortable pack and play and relax for a while.

But the sleeping needs of a toddler are a little different. When your baby is out of a crib around age two, she can sleep any of the safe and comfortable places. She can take a quick nap on the couch, in her rocking chair, cuddled up in the middle of master bed, or sleep longer in her pack n play playard.

Must Read : Pack n Play which can be used for newborn baby and later for a toddler.

What is the best type of mattress for a toddler?

The best type of mattress for a toddler is innerspring and memory foam mattresses, which are the best options for kids. That makes Sealy Baby, Dream On Me, Milliard and NapYou some of the best mattress choices for toddlers and babies.

One of the most common concern with parents is a comfortable mattress for the baby. Your concern for mattress firmness is valid. It is not advisable to go for too soft a mattress, experts say that toddlers transitioning out of a crib often enjoy a firm mattress.

Should a toddler have a firm or soft mattress?

I was shocked when I first learned that a mattress, which is too fluffy can conform to a child’s face and possibly smother her. When I consulted my child specialist, he confirmed that it is advisable to pick a firm mattress for your toddler, because many kids are face sleepers.

At the same time, toddlers do not need as firm a mattress as needed for a newborn baby.

If we classify the mattresses by firmness, the lightweight sleepers and side sleepers’s ideal mattress choice should be a soft to medium-soft mattress.

Whereas, heavy-sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers should choose a medium firm to firm mattress.

If we go by this classification, babies are heavy sleepers and they sleep on their back, thus choose a firm mattress for them.

Buy a firm or medium-firm mattress for toddlers, because they spend lesser time sleeping compared to infants. The Sealy Baby, Graco Premium Mattress, Kolcraft, NapYou and hiccapop top the list in this category.

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Conclusion –

Sleep is an essential part of a growing child’s life, and you can’t underestimate the comfortable sleep for a baby and a toddler, whose growth is entirely dependent on food and sleep.

While your motherly and fatherly love may cry for a soft mattress for your baby, your child specialists may differ on this love and affection purchase. A baby spends a great deal of time sleeping, that’s why it becomes so much important that her bed is firm, toxin-free, clean, hygienic and free from discomfort.

Your search for the best mattress for toddler or your baby’s pack n play should also depend on your budget, baby’s requirement and basic features that are essential to choose a baby mattress.

I am sure the best mattress guide for toddlers, above will help you make the wise decision for your toddler’s bed, crib or pack n play playard.

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness, and children sleep soundly in them.

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