The Best Pack and Play for Travel in 2020 – Top 10 Portable Playards

Baby on the go
Baby on the go

You might be a parent that’s always on the go. Or maybe you just like having your baby under your supervision, even when you’re standing in the kitchen. 

Whatever is the reason, it is natural to have concern for a small baby, who is totally dependent on you for every basic need.

At the same time, you had a life even before the baby arrived. You needed to go to work, visit friends and relatives (though Covid19 has changed things), have some ME TIME at the beach or simply relax. And sometimes, you feel that you just need a small break.

While earlier, when the baby was not in your life, you simply made a plan and headed to the road. But now things are different.

You have to plan hundred other things that baby needs. And one of that most important thing is baby sleep.

Many parents complain that their little one does not sleep anywhere else except in his own bed. So, the best thing to have is a pack and play, which is suitable for travel, to ensure you closely monitor your child, no matter where you are. With a travel friendly feature, the playpen in which the baby sleeps every day, travels with him everywhere.

Traveling is so much easier with a travel crib or a travel sleeper. The feature of carry it along makes it the very best crib for Grandma’s house, a baby playpen or the best pack and play for travel.

The Best Pack and Play for Travel - An Overview

When it comes to choosing a pack and play for travel with your baby, there are some features you will need to take into consideration. The type of material determines how much comfort it provides for your baby.

The overall design of the pack and play also helps with ease of use. And of course, the size, wheels and carrying bag matters.

In this list, you will see the current top 10 selling pack n plays, then below we give our analysis on some of these based on features, design, size, ease of use and most importantly comfort.

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1Lotus Travel CribLotus Travel CribView on Amazon
2BABYBJORN Travel Crib LightBABYBJORN Travel Crib LightView on Amazon
34Moms Breeze Go4Moms Breeze GoView on Amazon
4Joovy New Room2Joovy New Room2View on Amazon
5BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel CribBABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel CribView on Amazon
6Chicco FastAsleep Full-Size Travel PlayardChicco FastAsleep Full-Size Travel PlayardView on Amazon
7Dream On Me Travel LightDream On Me Travel LightView on Amazon
8Regalo My Play 8-Panel DeluxeRegalo My Play 8-Panel DeluxeView on Amazon
9KidCo Peapod Infant Travel BedKidCo Peapod Infant Travel BedView on Amazon
10Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby DomeFisher-Price On-The-Go Baby DomeView on Amazon

Some of the best things I have noted while reviewing these pack n plays were their size, weight, frame, mattress, design and dimensions.

The weight plays a key part in keeping your playpen travel friendly, while the height adjustability improves the comfort level of using the playard as well as adding more mattress over the fitted mattress for further comfort and softness.

But the mattress and frame also play a very important factor because it helps determine how comfortable yet sturdy it can get for your active baby during the travel. And of course, you will want it to be compact enough to fit into your luggage, but not too small to make the baby uncomfortable.

While reading these reviews, you should be able to get a feeling, which one fits your comfortable travel with your baby the best way. It can depend on your baby’s age and size.

Your travel playpen choice may depend on what features you want, which can help you decide whether you need a side zipper playard, or fully mesh covered playpen or maybe with a canopy, a foldable travel crib, or even a larger pack and play for twin /many babies. Keep your baby in mind while you read on.

It is important to always know the luggage weight limit you carry in places to make sure that the pack and play you choose fits the luggage limit. Or if you wish to fit it in the back of your car, it should fit there.

While it’s okay if it’s a little bigger than your baby, of course you don’t want one that’s too big and certainly not one that’s too small.


Lotus Baby Crib with zipper

  • TENSION-FREE AIRPORT TRAVEL – With 13 lbs. weight and 15 seconds to set up, the design is easy to fly with the compact, light backpack carrying case.
  • CERTIFIED SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – With GreenGuard Gold non-toxic certification (low voc & no lead, phthalates, pvc, heavy metals, etc), it is the only pack and play which is certified safe for your baby. Full-height mesh guarantees best, breathable airflow.
  • QUIET SIDE ZIPPER DOOR – From side zipper door, you can nurse or cuddle your little one to sleep, then just zip the lockable access door. It’s easier on your back, and when baby wants to play and crawl, more fun!
  • COMFORTABLE MATTRESS – Updated thick, soft foam mattress is approved for newborn and infants for overnight sleep that makes it perfect for sleep and play. Best for 0-3 years old babies.

The Lotus Travel Crib is excellent for travelling as well as convenience of use. When you are looking for a pack and play safety and non-toxicity, this is the good one to consider.

The side zipper door of the pack n play is impressive as well, which allows you to nestle up to your kid, slip your arm and rub them until you hear their little snores.

With a watertight clear view mesh which allows air to flow in and out of this crib, it offers an unobstructed view of the little one at all means even with the sides being zippered up to ensure a secure space.

With the comfortable mattress, that is not only thick with soft foam but also approved for newborn and infants (0 to 3 years of age) overnight sleeping. Then, it’s good for baby’s playing on the updated mattress for hours.

If you are particular about your home décor and artistic products, which matches with your interiors, then you will be amazed. The graphics and logos are quite artistic, while the soft fabrics and soothing colors gel with any décor perfectly well.

One of the shining points of this pack and play is its crib cover, that can be removed and washed in the machine. This can allow you to really keep your travel crib clean all the time, which also helps promote a bacteria, stain and dust free baby bed.

WHAT’S INCLUDED – You get a complete travel crib with the compact backpack carrying case. Two Year Warranty and great customer service. 

Setup Crib Length: 42”, Width: 32”, Height: 25”. 

Folded (in Backpack) Length: 24”, Width: 7”, Height: 11”, Aluminum frame

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: Sheets not included.

This kind of design set up provides you the ability to open this up because it’s a side panel, without being disturbing the child. As you don’t have to bend to check on your child this side panel is also good for your back.

So, while the features on this travel pack and play are not as many as they could be, and they can sometimes seem very basic while you use it, there is a combination of safety and comfort features on this playpen that makes it a smart choice, especially for parents whose life is moving between two states or two homes.

The price for this pack and play is also quite affordable amongst its competitors, putting it in the mid-range for cost. But with its combination of utility, comfort, and style, it’s quite worth it.

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to carry backpack fold
  • Fully zippered mesh panel
  • GreenGuard Gold non-toxic certified
  • Lotus Crib is shaped like a box, its footprint is larger than that of the BabyBjorn. Its legs also stick out more than the BB crib's legs. Though, they're both roughly the same height.
  • In terms of aesthetic appeal, BabyBjorn wins the points as compared to Lotus Crib.


BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light
BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light
  • Cozy travel crib for Play and Sleep : With just one move to fix and simple design, the BabyBjorn Travel Crib is a cool pack and play for travel.
  • Stylist Chic Design and Comfy Mattress : With a soft and comfy mattress, that folds up fast, whether you want to use it at home, travel to another country or take it to grandma’s house, your baby will enjoy this pack and play.
  • Fresh Air for the Baby and Clear View to You : The airy mesh fabric not only provides fresh air circulation, but also gives you reassuring supervision over your baby.

The BabyBjorn Travel crib is another impressive entry into this list. It is a lightweight pack and play for travel weighing 6 kg that is 13 pounds, including its carry bag. The BabyBjorn sits on the floor, so there is no upper weight limit for using the travel crib.

As for the size of the playard, while it is assembled, it is  82 x 112 x 64 cm; After folding up and kept in carry bag it measures 49 x 60 x 14 cm. The size of the mattress is 60 x 105 x 4 cm

The measurements are good for consideration when you want to check your space of setting it up indoors; else you can carry it with you for travel.  You can use the travel crib for your baby from newborn up to the age of approx. 3 years or until your child can climb out of the travel crib.

In terms of design, the crib fabric material is 100% polyester, so it is easy to clean and does not catch stains easily. And the mattress cover is made with100% Trevira fabric (polyester). The crib fabric is easy to remove and is machine washable at 40˚C. The mattress cover can be washed at 60˚C.

The BabyBjorn has no parts to fix, you just fold it up and go or unfold it and use.  The legs unfold and you add the mattress inside.  That’s it!

This is a direct competitor to Guava Lotus Crib, with almost same weight, 13 pounds. The BabyBjorn crib is slightly bigger in size, than other Pack and Play, which makes it spacious for a toddler.

The Travel Crib lies in the high-range of pricing in this list, making it slighting expensive, but considering its features and functionality, it’s worth every dollar for travel loving parents. If you’re looking for a really lightweight and sturdy pack and play, this has one of the most unique designs on this list.

  • Comes with an insulated mattress
  • Sits on the floor
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Extremely easy to wipe down and clean
  • Does not have a bassinet option
  • A little highly-priced


  • 4Moms Breeze Go
    4Moms Breeze Go
    Seriously Easy Set up: With One Push Open and One Push Close feature, 4Moms is a breeze to open or close in one single step. Even a kid can set it up.
  • Convenient Travel Bag: With easy set up and convenient travel bag, it is excellent pack and play to move around the house or take outdoors.
  • Spacious size: 4Mom Breeze Go is large enough to give enough room to the baby, it can be used for infant to toddler weighing until 30 pounds
  • Fabric care: Playard mattress is easy to clean with a damp cloth, it combines 78% Polyurethane Foam and 22% Polyester

The 4Mom Breeze Go probably has the best setup of all the pack n play playards on this list. So, if having a simple hassle-free travel crib for your baby is your goal, you’ve already found your winner. But let’s look at what else makes this playpen a pretty solid choice.

The 4Mom Breeze Go features easy push the center and watch it fall open into place. Then, when you’re ready to pack up, pull the center loop to fold and close. You can even do it with one-hand. Other features to consider include a travel carry bag and a mattress that’s easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

In simple words, you can take it out of the box, get foam and packaging removed, set up and ready to use within half an hour. Though, mattress is firm so you may buy a quilted mattress protector and cotton sheets at the same time to give sleeping a little more comfort. This travel playard does not come with anything other than the removable hard slightly padded flooring, and it stores everything nicely in its zipped duffle bag.

But again, for a less stylish frame, you’re getting amazing hassle-free set up that already make up for the design. In fact, more complex a design is, with added features, more difficult it becomes to set it up.

Although it’s slightly high on its price, this is one of the quality choices in this list. For its ease of set up and take down you can get a very effective pack and play for your travel. And while its features are not the most elaborate, the setup is truly a breeze! One handed operation! It also is very sturdy and the base and sheet are kept in place with Velcro so they don’t slide around.

  • Best easy set-up; one-step assembling only
  • Breathable and see-through mesh
  • No bassinet and diaper-changing area in this model, though Breeze Plus has these features.
  • Not very lightweight at 24 lbs. and measuring 46 x 32.5 x 29 in.


  • Joovy New Room2 twin baby
    Joovy New Room2 twin baby
    50% Larger than other playards: The big size gives your baby plenty of room to play and sleep with nearly 10 square feet of space, which is nearly 50% larger than most traditional playards. That means you will be able to use it longer and play more. It is a perfect travel pack and play for twins.
  • Low Center of Gravity and Travel Friendly: The heavy duty padded mattress supports a baby from zero months up to 35” height.Two wheels help in moving the sturdy and durable playard from one place to another easily. The Joovy Room 2 is easy to fold up and take on the road with its two wheels, during your outings.
  • Modern design and Functional: This pack n play has Large Mesh Windows, that provides a 360° view, in and out. That helps you to supervise your kid from a distance and the baby also feels secure seeing your around. And then, there is the Soft Fitted Cotton Sheet Included, that is machine washable.

The Joovy Room 2 is one of the portable playards for travel on this list that is more fit for the twin or larger babies. But this pack and play is no slouch. Even for single kids, the Joovy Room 2 is more than capable of giving them ample space for sleeping or playing with their toys and friends.

This Pack an Play offers over 10 square feet of play space, an essential piece of gear for families with twins, offering abundant room for two babies and maximum child height-35 inch. And the good thing is, it includes a 100% cotton fitted sheet, travel bag and two wheels for easy moving

The Joovey Room2 also features edge to edge mesh windows that provide great views for you – and your baby. While you can keep a watch over your baby, the baby can also easily keep a watch on you.

The playpen design is certainly modern, giving it an aesthetic appeal along with the advantage of creating a nursery centre for twins.  You can add the Twin Nursery Center to your Room2 with bassinet and changing table, and easily  turn it into sleeping and changing station for two babies.

This way bassinet holds two babies up to 15 lbs each and includes a divider for two separate napping areas. The Changing table holds baby up to 25 lbs, and you save your energy to rush to two different cribs.

Like most other pack n plays, Joovy offers a warranty, but here you get 2 year warranty. That is twice as long as the Graco Pack N’ Play, twice as long as the 4 moms breeze, twice as long as the summer Infant warranty and 4 times longer than the Baby Trend warranty. And the company assures you Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Spacious and secure
  • Well-vented 360-degree surround mesh
  • it has a very low center of gravity to prevent accidents like the kid. Additionally, it has security features like locking latches.
  • Carrying case has a long shoulder strap for travel
  • Not as lightweight at 29.6 pounds as other options.
  • Needs a large space 39.8 x 31 x 39.8 inches, but still manageable
  • Securing the mattress straps and breaking down each of the rails can be too slow


  • BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib
    BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib
    Lightweight and Portable Design: Only 10 pounds weight and a folding design, allows this playpen to be folded into a carry bag and you can take your toddler with you for a trip without plan.
  •  Secure and Comfortable: Visible and breathable mesh cloth is safer and allows you to keep an eye on kids while doing your work and kids can feel secure too, seeing you around them. While we talk about the fabric, the playard is all wrapped with fabric cover without sharp corners exposed.

While a hard and thin mattress is a matter of concern for most parents while choosing pack and plays, you can take a breath of relief, because Baby Joy provides a thick and soft foam, 4/5″thickness sponge mattress, that allows overnight sleep for newborns and infants.

  • Easy folding Button Set up : The frame of the playpen is Aluminum Pipe with net and 600D Oxford, which makes it sturdy and durable. To set it up, use both hands to hold the frame, and push the button under the arrow. And it is all ready to use.

It is easy to keep this playard nice and tidy when you are done using it or when you need to transport it. Great for parents and those who like to take their baby along while on the move!

The Baby Joy Baby Playpen is another great entry on this list. It’s one of the larger entries in this list as well, capable of giving huge space to your baby (44.50 x 31.00 x 26.00 inches) in size. With aluminum frame and airmesh on sides, you won’t have any shortage of airflow or baby falling anywhere around.

While the height is really far to the ground, but the lightweight air mesh design makes up for it. And the regular, less deeper pack and play playards are at your eye level, but they are so heavy and the other options are so expensive.

While the design is not anything special, with a pretty box type shape, this travel pack and play is still a preferred choice by parents because it is SO light and easy to pack, it is nice to take it and have him in a place playing/laying down where you don’t have to watch him.

While the baby starts crawling around, you can put him in it to contain him. It is so light and compact it is easy to bring along anywhere! It is also super easy to assemble.

The Baby Joy is wonderful for travel, light weight easy to carry and does not take up lots of space, much better than a traditional pack and play. if you are looking at this vs. the BabyBjorn they are very similar except in this one, you have to attach the legs and with the BabyBjorn they just pop up. But still you will  prefer this one because features are similar and the price on this is way better.

  • Sits on the floor with detachable legs, no baby weight limit.
  • Made of ultra-light aluminum.
  • Budget-friendly pack and play for travel
  • Too deep bottom to pick an infant, which is a strain on the back. But it can be solved using additional mattress.
  • The mattress is not as comfortable as in other pack n plays.


  • Chicco FastAsleep Full-Size Travel Playard, Verdant
    Chicco FastAsleep Full-Size Travel Playard, Verdant
    2-in1 Napper /Changer : From the 2-in-1 Napper / Changer to the full size play area with padded mattress, this playard is perfect for travelling with newborns and toddlers.
  • Extra Large Space: Chicco FastAsleep is not merely a simple pack and play, it gives you the comfort of an Extra-Large Changer.  Cozy Newborn Napper keeps baby close by and provides a cozy space for newborns to sleep.

The FastAsleep is designed for children up to 15 pounds when used as a napper, 30 pounds when used as a changer, and 30 pounds and 35 inches when used as a playard.

  • Easy to Set up and Clean: The compact fold quickly snaps open to position the legs into place for extra fast set up.Setting it up takes seconds and the compact, folded unit fits nicely in its own carry bag for on-the-go convenience. This travel playpen fabric can easily be unzipped from the playard frame and mattress for easy clean up and maintenance.

The Chicco FastAsleep doesn’t have the greatest look, it’s pretty much a box rantangle. But it makes up for it with its impressive features. It is super simple to set it up, and the easy switch between changing station and napper for the newborn is convenient. It is one of the only playards on the market that is washable. If you think everything made for babies should be washable, then this is the one for you. Then, it does not have a weight limit on the playard, so it can be used for larger and big babies.

It features the changing table, which is extremely sturdy. It seems much smaller than a typical play yard, but the sleeping area is actually not compromised. The design allows it to look and feel more compact without sacrificing the comfort of the baby. The pad does fold up differently than other playards, but you just have to make sure it goes in the trunk first, then there is still plenty of room to pack the rest of your belongings.

The Chicoo FastAsleep also comes with an extra-large changer and napper, therefore even if your baby is quite heavy and long for normal bassinet weight limit of 15lbs, you can rely on this travel playard. Because it has a larger weight limit on the changer and bassinet so your money won’t go to waste.

Design-wise, it has an anti-wobble design with durable and well thought out features, that is most likely to hold up in the long term, possibly even through multiple kids.   You would also like the Chicco FastAsleep’s easy to pack up, lightweight design, to carry it around, but nevertheless providing a generous sleeping area.

Most playards require you to undo a pinch clip, snap, or system of buttons, but Chicoo FastAsleep  simply folds over, when you lift up on the conveniently placed latch.


  • Ready in seconds! No Assembly required + Snap-open setup
  • Presto changer! 2-In-1 changer/napper
  • Zip-and-wash fabrics for easy machine washing
  • Full-size sleeping area for growing children up to 30 lbs
  • Extra-large changer for extended use up to 30 lbs
  • Setting it up is different than other playards, so first time it may be a bit tricky.
  • Its large at 38 x 25 x 33 inches and it takes up space.
  • It is far from lightweight as the weight is 37.6 pounds.


  • Dream On Me Travel Light
    Dream On Me Travel Light Playard
    Travel Ready, Strong yet Lightweight aluminum frame: With a mere 13 lbs weight and standard size of 40.5 x 27 x 26 inches, it is a pocket friendly pack and play for travel. The Travel Light sets up and folds down in minutes making it the ideal travel companion for infants & toddlers! It is perfect for vacationing or when you are visiting grandparents. It folds up flat and can be stored in its durable carry bag
  • Modern looks and design for Comfort: The Playard comes with a soft mattress, so your child can play and sleep in it. No matter which pack and play experienced parents buy, they trust Dream on Me Range of Playard mattresses for the perfect fit, that proves that there is no quality compromise on the mattress quality. What’s more, you get a good choice, as the Travel Light is available in 4 stylish finishes, that is perfect for your decor.

The Dream On Me sides are made of soft, airy mesh fabric that allow your baby to breathe easily. The see-through fabric helps you keep an eye on your baby and allows your little one to look out for you.

  • Safety and Upkeep: The Dream On Me Travel Light Playard scores high on safety and durability. It is made with a sturdy aluminium frame, has reinforced stitching, and a locking system for extra safety. The fabric and mesh are free from harmful allergenics

And you don’t need to worry about your child making a mess during travel times. The mesh walls and nylon bottom can be easily cleaned – simply wipe down with a damp cloth and soap and it is as good as new.

If you are on a budget, and you are looking for style and lightweight efficiency in a travel playard, the Dream On Me is one of the best pack and play you can find. It is similar looking to the Guava Lotus crib but it is way cheaper. In fact, it’s essentially the same dimensions and weight as the Baby Bjorn, but costs only 1/4 of that price.

While we talk about compact design for travel packing, you do have to take all the legs out completely to store it away but for the price, it isn’t much of a compromise and assembly doesn’t take very long.

There is one more interesting thing with kids that they love to break and pull each and everything around them, and this is how they learn. But when it comes to pack and play mattress with Velcro, it means that it won’t take long for the older kids to take off the Velcro and mess with the mattress pad. Here with Dream On Me, the mattress snaps into the frame, not Velcro. This way, it is tricky to put sheets on but that is manageable.

One more good thing about this economically favourable playard is, that there’s no bars underneath the mattress, like in a traditional pack and play, which makes it MUCH more comfortable for your little one

  • Lightweight, easy to set up and takedown, and mesh sides and crib as a whole is durable! The mattress is thick enough and it clicks into each side to hold it down.
  • It takes less about 45 seconds to set up (and it's not even hard or complex, it's like that after the first time)
  • It's comfy for the baby
  • The Mattress is almost 4' long
  • It's extremely durable. Ours still looks brand new.
  • It's essentially the same dimensions and weight as the BabyBjorn, but 1/4 price.
  • It's not an all-in-one Pack n Play featuring everything that you get to see in other brands. The legs come off and stored inside, so you have to work with installing and disassembling them each time, but it isn't a big deal and they slip on pretty easily.
  • Mattress snaps on the frame, so it’s tricky to put on sheets.
  • It is hard to lay down a small sleeping baby, as it is very deep. Maybe you can add an additional mattress to cover up the depth when the baby is small.


Regalo My Play 8-Panel Deluxe Extra Large Portable Play Yard Indoor and Outdoor, Bonus Kit, Includes Carry Case, Washable, Teal, 8-Panel

  • Packable and Portable: The portable play yard sets up and folds down in seconds, fitting comfortably in a carry bag for easy transportation. It creates a safe play area for your child, the lightweight, foldable, play yard is ideal for home, at the park or a day at the beach. It measures 62″ wide and 26″ high and it is equipped with ventilating mesh walls and a nylon bottom for easy clean up and safety of your baby.
  • Designed for rough surfaces: Boasting an all-steel construction, this attractive playard is designed with a simple fold and go deign. Easy to set up and take down within seconds. Includes a carry case with arm strap for travel, on the go or storage.
  • Made with a sturdy canvas material, which is also heavy-duty and water resistant which keeps grass or little spills from seeping through. If the playard gets dirty, you can simply clean its nylon bottom with a damp cloth and soap to keep it fresh again.
  • Meets the SAFETY Guidelines: Made with an all-steel frame and reinforced stitching. Includes safety-lock feature and meets all safety standard. This safety gate has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). It also meets the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

This pack and play is perfect for children 6-24 months, and after that you can use it for your pets.

We have added Regalo 8 panel Portable playard in this list for babies, who have started crawling and exploring things around.  Babies are curious about everything and their natural instinct of exploration is tasting and finding out. Hence, they put everything in their mouth to find out exactly what it is.

But this exploration becomes dangerous because many times they swallow sharp non edible objects, which prove fatal. And these accidents can be anywhere in the park, at the beach, inside your house, at a relative’s house or pool party. 

Regalo playard is also available in a 6 panel design but parents who want more space for the baby to play, or have more than one baby have the option to choose 8 panel playard.

Laden with cool features and sturdy build, which is made with an all-steel frame, Relago 8 panel playard has double locking system for extra safety. So, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

To sum up, the Regalo 8 Panel Portable Playard is one of the best camping companions, but it can be used at home also to contain the baby from dangerous areas of the house, like stairs.

It serves as a safe place for kids to sleep in the tent or hotel room, while staying with family, and a safe place for them to play while set up as a camp. It is large enough for more than one baby to sleep in without laying on top of each other.

The only thing you should be careful about is, assembling it on softer surfaces like carpet. If it isn’t all the way expanded and you try to push down the bar that locks it into place, it tends to dig into the carpet and the bar can bend.

  • If you have multiples, this is definitely an excellent pack and play for travel. It folds up small, assembled quickly, and is holding up well.
  • Easy to clean nylon bottom
  • JPMA and ASTM Certified
  • Lacks mattress and wheels
  • No additional features
  • Bulky


PeaPod Travel Bed for Baby
PeaPod Travel Bed for Baby
  • Perfect for Travel: KidCo PeaPod is the ideal take along for sleep overs and hotel travel.

It’s a lead-free, textile tent design, for indoor and outdoor use. Fully enclosed mosquito netting is great for camping, picnics and all your outdoor travels. Travel bed is good for use with children 1 to 3 years of age.

  • Design: Lightweight mesh; great for air flow and used as an insect screen. Large zipper panel for easy access. The UV protection and anchor straps for ground attachments allow for outdoor use.

A lightweight mesh surround provides increased air flow while a large front zipper panel makes access to your child effortless.

  • Ease of Setting and Comfort: Weighing just 2.45 lbs the KidCo PeaPod is lightweight and folds up to fit into a standard size carry bag for travel.

This convenient travel bed offers peace of mind to parents trekking with kids.

The Micro-Lite sleeping pad comes firmly secured to the outer bottom of the PeaPod with snaps, but is easily removable for cleaning or packing.

The PeaPod also has great features for outdoor use including UV protection and anchor straps.

Believe it or not, this handy bed fits inside carry-on size luggage, making it great for trips without having to check bags!

When not in use, the PeaPod quickly folds for storage inside its own bag making it perfect for short visits or long trips.

The KidCo PeaPod is perfect for traveling with a baby who is crawling and needs a safe place to nap. It has a little padding on the bottom so your baby is comfy sleeping on a rug.

It is zippered closed to turn into a peapod or cocoon shaped, it makes the baby feel cozy but at the same time it gets a little warm inside. That’s the reason why it is not advisable for kids less than one year of age.

To avoid getting the kid feel too warm inside the PeaPod, you can dress the baby in less clothing and make sure the room is ventilated enough.

Initially, you may need to put them to sleep in it, then sneak back in and unzip it to let air flow.

You may also need to put them to bed in just jammies then later add a sleep sack after they go to sleep for the night if camping outdoors.

The PeaPod Plus does not require any setting up. It just pops out of the box and ready to be used. Folding it up takes a few attempts until you get the hang of it but it fits easily in the bag and is very light weighing only 2.45 pounds.

In a nutshell, when your baby outgrows napper / changer, and taking a full-size pack and play is too bulky for travel, PeaPod Plus is a perfect sleeping solution for the baby.

This thing is amazing. It folds up small, weighs next to nothing compared to a pack-n-play, and provides a comforting sleep space that *looks the same* to your kid no matter where you travel.

Whereas, a PeaPod Plus is not a safe sleep space for less than one year olds, as it reduces air flow which is a risk factor for SIDS, the pack-n-plays are certified for infant sleep and are the safest option for infants.

Before you get excited and pack your luggage with a PeaPod Plus, it is best that you try a mock sleeping drill at home. That means, your baby need to get familiar with this type of design at least one night at home on the floor of their room before traveling. You can even try making her sleep in the PeaPod to get comfortable with it.

Weave a story or concept around the travel sleeping bed. Tell them you got them their very own tent, make a big deal about opening it up, have them put their stuffed animals in it.

Don’t try it for the first time while traveling. If they aren’t into it, it’s game over.

Even with careful introduction your kid may refuse to sleep through the night in it (happened to our friends) so know how to keep a pack-n-play as a backup option for the first time.

  • This is a wonderful travel bed for infants and toddlers.
  • It is lightweight and relatively compact.
  • The KidCo Peapod little is set up upon opening.
  • It has a very nice pad attached to the bottom underside of the Pod, it is detachable for washing purposes.
  • The Peapod is durable and large enough for older children as well as babies.
  • Peapod is very easy to fold for storage.
  • Not sturdy if baby rolls over or leans against it.
  • Not recommended for kids less than one-year-old.
  • PeaPod is great for sleeping while traveling but at home, kids prefer a proper pack n play with more space and features.
  • When removing PeaPod from storage bag, use caution as it automatically unfolds rapidly when the safety strap is removed,


Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome
Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome
  • Portable and Travel Friendly: The Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome is a comfy spot for the baby to nap, chill out, or play anywhere you go.

The portable design means your tiny infant can have tummy time in the living room, nap time on the lawn, and playtime by the lake.

2-in-1 portable infant play space and napping spot, perfect for at home or travel with your baby.

  • Cute and Innovative Design: The Dome’s soft padding and sun blocking canopy helps the baby feel secure in the open. It’s a safe and beautiful travel crib for baby with cute little toys hanging for him to play with.

Not only the Dome can be used indoors as well outdoors, but the canopy also protects the baby from sun’s direct rays (UPF 20) and netting keeps the bugs out.

  • Easy to set up: This baby travel bed folds flat with handles for easy take-along and storage. Though, the design looks big but the total weight is only 13.4 pounds. And Dome’s measurements are 29.9 x 31.5 x 28 inches. Made with FVC25, it can hold 25 pounds maximum weight.

If the PeaPod was for babies, who are one year+ in age, our last  baby travel bed is for babies, who are less than 25 pounds in weight.

Weighing only 13.4 pounds, the Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome is not your typical pack and play but it’s great sleep and play solution for the baby during travel, and it’s convenient to travel along. That’s the reason, the Baby Dome made a place in this list.

The Baby Dome looks compact but it is large enough for the baby to sleep, play and have some tummy time.

It folds up small like a rock and play, is lightweight so you can take it with you around the house or put in the car and take to relatives so baby has a place to lay down.

The best part about the Baby Dome is that you can fully remove the washable pad, if baby soils the mattress. But you don’t get this benefit with many other playards.

While the design is great, prints are beautiful and it is convenient to carry Baby Dome for travel, but the only drawback is that the older than 25 pounds kids do not find much space in this.

Having said that, this on-the-go baby dome is a lifesaver on beach trips, to keep the sun, sand and wind off the baby when he is napping.

And as a mini pack and play for him to sleep in at the condo. That way, you don’t have to carry your large pack and play around for him to sleep.

  • It's easy to assemble, fold, and carry.
  • It's also very lightweight so it doesn’t weigh you down too much on the walkout to the beach each day.
  • Cute and chic innovative design.
  • Canopy is big enough to cover the baby well.
  • Good for infants and newborns but not suitable for toddlers.
  • Do not offer changing stations and bassinet like many other pack n plays.
  • The round design is space consuming.


As a mother to small kids,  I have travelled to my sister’s place, grandma’s house and as a family we have taken holidays together. 

My kids have an age difference of only 1.5 years, so they were more like twins and every work was doubled for me. 

During my outdoor trips, the most difficult thing was to make the babies sleep during the night.

And I am sure you agree with me that babies refuse to sleep in other places, than their own familiar beds.  They have the stamina to keep you awake the whole night, without even thinking that you have to fulfill some worldly duties also.

And that’s why, the best deal is choosing a good portable pack and play, which becomes your baby’s companion on travels.

I have given an eight point buyer’s guide  on this page, which is quite useful. So,  let me know how did you choose your baby’s sleeping bed for travel.

Best Pack and Play for Travel for baby

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.”

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