FTC Disclosure Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released Disclosure Compliance rule in 2015.

According to the rule this is ensured that readers or viewers of a website fully know that the blogger or website publisher is sponsored, endorsed or partnered with a third party to make money by sharing a link or a product.

We declare that any or all of the links on bestportableplayard.com are affiliate links for which we receive a small commission from sale of some products.

Affiliate Link Means a Win-Win for You and I

Bestportableplayard.com show some products in links, which lead to Amazon website. If a reader buys a product, we receive a small percentage of the product price.

This link is called Affiliate Link.

The price of any product thus bought is the same if the reader/customer bought it directly from product store. Any product or service price is not at all increased in anyway by clicking on any affiliate link.

Rather visiting bestportableplayard.com helps him/her make an informed decision by reading our well researched, time invested thorough reviews

And our readers patronage gives us motivation to provide the best researched products and services.

Moreover, we do not give sponsored posts here. We intend to provide honest, unbiased information from the point of view of a Mom, who cares for her baby. However, if a company approaches us for sponsored posts on best portable playard, this is our moral responsibility to disclose this clearly.

The most important fact is that I think and feel as a mother towards my readers. I only recommend products that I use myself or something I would suggest to my family and friends.

Your purchase and visit helps us support our research efforts. Thank you very, very much from the core of our hearts!  

“Children have neither past nor future.
They enjoy the present,
which very few of us do.”
—Jean De La Bruyere