How To Clean A Pack N Play – Disinfect Baby Playpen at Home

It’s important to know how to clean a pack n play properly to keep your baby in a clean and odor-free bed.  

A pack n play is a comfy, cozy bed for your little bundle of joy. Your baby loves to spend most of the time sleeping and playing in the baby bed. Everyday use makes a pack n play get dirty, stained, and full of unhealthy germs.

There are two common methods to clean a pack n play. 

You can do a playpen’s spot cleaning with a wet cloth. Basically, a pack n play is designed to be spot cleaned.

If your pack n play cover is removable, you can remove the cover and machine wash. The rest of the parts you can clean with a cloth soaked in soapy water or disinfectant.

2.Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of a pack n play needs water, soap, vinegar, Sun, air, time, energy, and lots of other things.

Though, there is a standard method to clean a pack n play, as per its manual. As a user, you know cleaning a pack n play is not as easy as per the product manual. 

You have to use your own hacks to get a pack n play cleaned, dried, and disinfected. The product manual assumes you are in the standard, best of circumstances. You have lots of time, energy, and a perfectly well-mannered baby (who knows what to spoil and when).  

You may be sleepy, tired, and get a lot of work to do on a snowy day in real life. On top of that, your baby may be cringy and does not let you do anything. 

Cleaning a pack n play is a mission in itself. It is important to clean it, and It is more important to dry it completely. If the baby playpen is not dried well, it may have a risk of mold formation.

As a mom of two kids, I share some methods I use to clean a pack n play.

How I Clean a Pack n Play – Quick Cleaning Guide

I soak the pack n play in soapy water. Then I scrub the dirty spots with hands or a mild brush. An old toothbrush will do the cleaning best. The next step is to rinse the playpen with water. 

After basic cleaning, I make the pack n play germ-free. I dry it on a sunny day because sun rays are a natural disinfectant. After the cleaning process, I use a disinfectant like Dettol to keep my baby’s bed germ-free. 

I take about two capfuls of Dettol and mix it with half a bucket of water. I pour this Dettol water all around the pack n play.

Some days, you don’t get Sun in your balcony. Your baby does not know this. There may be accidents, spillage, or anything beyond your control, and you cannot even blame the baby. You have to clean, to keep baby healthy. 

Here you get the step by step method to clean a pack n play properly –

1.Be Ready to Get Dirty

Get an open area or enough space for washing your pack n play.

A pack n play is big enough to spread around. You need space to move, turn, and scrub it from inside out. 

Plan your cleaning space well. Things around the cleaning area should not get spoilt with the dirty water of the playpen. 

2. Separate Pack n Play from Mattress and Cover

If you pack n play has a detachable mattress, remove it. Wash the mattress separately in a machine or hand wash. 

You can wash the Mattress cover or sheet in your washing machine.

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3. Make a Super Cleaner for Very Dirty Pack n Play

Fill your bathtub up with water. Hot water will clean the dirty cotton surface better, but soft fabric and colors may fade.

Coldwater will clean the stains. You can choose the warm water on a cold day.

In this water, mix a capful of mild baby laundry detergent. A few drops of vinegar and half a tablespoon of baking soda. 

Mix the water with your cleaning supply well.

Soak the Pack N Play and the mat, and flip it after 30 minutes. At the same time, sock a cleaning brush and a cloth in this water.

4. Rub, Scrub, Brush, and Rinse the Playpen for Basic Cleaning

At this time, take out your brush and scrub the stains. Use some detergent soap or detergent paste on tough stains. 

Scrub some more. Repeat the process all over the pack n play.

Clean the sides, bottom, front, and back. 

If the water is too dirty to put your hand inside it. Drain the water, and then scrub the stains of the playpen.

Once you are satisfied, use clean water to rinse well. You can use a detachable showerhead in your bathroom. You can use a hose in the backyard to wash your pack n play.

The basic cleaning is done

5. Disinfect Pack and Play and Kill the Hidden, Stubborn Germs

Fill your water tub again.

Mix two cups of Dettol or any disinfectant. 

Soak your pack n play deep in this water. Flip after 10-15 minutes. 

Drain the water. 

6. Dry the Pack n Play under the Sun

Sun is the best disinfectant. You can let your pack n play in the Sun to dry.

Open-air is best for your baby bed to dry well. You need to flip the playpen many times to expose each side to the direct sunlight.

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7. How to Dry Pack n Play when There is no Sun

Let the extra water drip in the bathroom. Shake it a little to get extra water off.

Open and spread the pack n play under a fan, in an airy room. Switch on the air conditioner to speed up the pack n play drying process. I sometimes use a hairdryer when I feel some corners are taking a long time to dry.

The pack n play washing process may take about two-three hours. Drying will take about six to seven hours or one day, depending on the weather.

To clean a playpen mat, you can follow the basic cleaning steps. If your pack n play product manual says that the mattress or any part can be machine washed, you can follow the above steps while using your washing machine.

How to Remove Mold or Mildew from a Pack N Play

It is not possible to wash your baby’s playpen every time. Despite your best efforts, it may have some mold or mildew that needs urgent attention.

These are the steps to remove mold from your pack n play – 

Easy Steps to Remove the Mold -

  1. Take your pack n play in an open area, without disturbing the mold. You need to clean the mold off outside, to prevent spreading it around.
  2. Take a wet cloth. Dip in a mixture of water and white vinegar (half cup each).
  3. Scrub the mold stain with this wet cloth.
  4. When mold is removed, rinse the area completely.
  5. Mix water with a disinfectant, dip a soft cloth in this water. Clean your pack n play.
  6. Let your pack n play dry under the Sun. 
  7. You can use a dry towel to absorb dripping water.
  8. To disinfect the pack n play, keep it under the Sun for a few hours regularly. Sun rays are the best germ killers.
  9. You can use a dehumidifier in the baby’s room to prevent mold again.

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