Is Pack N Play Safe for Sleeping Baby at Night

Most parents experience that a pack n play is safe for sleeping for their babies and toddlers.

A pack n play is a convenience for parents. You put the baby at a height that is easy for you to change diapers and put the baby to sleep.

A pack n play is safe for sleeping because you keep the baby out of reach of pets, older siblings, who might deliberately or accidentally hurt the baby. 

The mesh keeps the baby inside, which is essential due to the danger of a fall. The mesh and canopy keep the flies, mosquitoes, harsh light away and lets the baby sleep well.

Earlier babies were put in cradles or cribs, but their design had some shortcomings, which prompted the introduction of pack n play for baby sleeping. When it is considered necessary and appropriate for a baby to have its comfortable sleeping bed, a pack n play is needed.

A pack and play costs less than a crib, and they are safer than a crib.

Graco designed pack n play as a baby sleeping crib. It meets child safety standards to reduce the risks of infant deaths. 

Parents co-sleeping with their babies may expose a child to a higher risk of rebreathing against a soft bed.  

A pack n play has a recommended firm mattress designed for infants and toddlers. You can put a tightly fitted sheet on the baby mattress to reduce baby tangling in loose bedding. 

A pack and play have mesh sides to help the baby breathe fresh. At the same time, an active baby cannot get arms or legs caught between traditional crib slats. 

2. Convenience and Comfort for Parents and Baby

Compared with a baby crib, a pack n play is packed with the latest features to add comfort and convenience to parents’ lives. 

You get a simple pack n play for a budget-friendly affordable price. You can opt for a removable bassinet for newborn or a changing station as well. 

Some higher-priced pack n play models come with music, vibration, nature sounds, removable seat, and so many other features.  

3. Baby's Own Bed, That Can Travel

A sturdy crib is suitable for home use, but a pack n play is a travel friendly with a baby. Babies sleep better in their beds while on the go. 

Even if you visit grandma’s house, a portable, lightweight playpen is much more comfortable than a classic crib that folds. 

The main reason for the pack n play’s popularity as a safe baby sleeping bed is that they can easily carry around and move. 

 Classic baby cribs may fold up, but they are not handy. It is hard to travel with them. They need more storage for crib and mattress while transporting it. 

Whereas, a pack n play is a space-saving baby sleeping crib. You can quickly put it anywhere. Most importantly, there are many budget-friendly options you can choose. 

Anyways, parents prefer a pack n play for baby sleeping only. All other times, they are involved in baby activities and don’t leave the child unattended. 

When babies grow, they explore and move within a larger safe area. After two or three years, children need a bigger bed for sleeping. 

To make their surroundings safer, you can choose a baby monitor, pack n play gates, canopy, etc. That helps children to play in a secure area. 

Most parents put their baby or toddler sleep in a playpen instead of a crib because there are higher risks associated with traditional baby cribs and beds.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with having a pack n play as your child’s long term crib.

Parents' Tips To Make Pack N Play Safe For Sleeping

A Pack n play is safe for sleeping. An infant or toddler can take a short nap or sleep overnight in a pack n play with comfort. 

Many experienced parents shared with us some of the tips they use to make their baby and toddler pack n play more safe for sleeping –

  • To ensure your baby’s safety and comfort in a playpen, you need to use the fitted pack n play sheets.
  • It would be best if you avoided pillows, bumpers, or blankets inside a playpen. 
  • You can’t help much if your baby turns sides in their sleep, but whenever you are aware, place them to sleep on their back. 
  • In some pack n play models, a baby bassinet is an attachment that you use for newborn sleeping. A bassinet is a comfortable sleeping bed for infants, but a baby outgrows it within three months.
  • That means you use the bassinet part of a pack n play for the short-term. Once the baby starts moving and turning, you need to supervise baby naps and sleeping in a bassinet. 
  • Each pack n play has some weight limit. When your toddler starts gaining weight and reaches the maximum weight limit mentioned on your pack n play, you can arrange a baby bed for him.
  • Some pack n play playards are very low to the ground. Putting your growing toddler to sleep while bending your own back may be slightly uncomfortable for a parent. 
  • To solve this problem, you may add an extra mattress to the bottom of a playpen. Or you can choose another playpen design to suit your requirement.
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My Views –

Whenever I look at a classic crib design, it looks like a baby jail. Older kids mock the baby being put behind bars. As a mother, it makes me feel guilty. 

I have my reason to feel that a pack n play is safe for sleeping because it is low to the ground. Even if my active baby tries to climb a pack n play, he is less likely to get hurt. 

A pack n play has a mesh around it, and you also get a beautiful canopy to protect the baby from pets and flies. 

But the feature that I love most, my baby is comfortable and safe in his bed. At the same time he is near me.

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